Orace Linux unable to kickstart

Problem: Unable to locate the installation media

Expected outcome: Automated installation for Oracle Linux

Foreman and Proxy versions: 3.10

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: 3.10

Distribution and version: Oracle Linux 9

Other relevant data:

Need some suggestion or fix that i encounter during provisioning of Oracle Linux version 8 or 9. Does the issue is with the kickstart template?
When i changed the OS version to CentOS 7 the provisioning is goes as expected and proceed with automated installation while on the Oracle Linux got an error on the “Installation Source”.
Apologies still learning the Foreman provisioning. Thank you.

Installation media is extracted from the ISO files on the Oracle Linux ISOs | Oracle, Software. Hardware. Complete.

Hey @linux_aspirant

You can have a look at Preparing Offline Installation Media for Oracle Linux 9 on docs.orcharhino.com which will help you create an installation media based on an ISO image.

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The workaround or solution to the issue i’ve encountered, is to move the “repodata” and “packages” out from the “BaseOS” to install root directory. And make sure the file under the “Packages” directory had right permissions.