Organization_id to ID work merged


To date, organization_id in HTTP params and in the urls sent to Katello have actually been the label of the organization. This problem has been discussed before with folks agreeing, "Eh, it works," and moving on. This problem again resurfaced when writing the apidoc for Katello's API. params everywhere were defined as :organization_id when they were, in fact, still the label. Propagating down the wire to Hammer CLI's options, anything that needed a specific organization asked for --organization-id when it's actually looking for the label, but then displayed the organization's label as label and the ID as ID. This is quite confusing for people trying to use Hammer.

This change switches looking up by an organization's label to looking up by the ID. Urls will no longer be /katello/api/v2/organizations/ACME_Corporation/ ... but will now appear as /katello/api/v2/organizations/1/ .... Likewise, any organization_id in HTTP params should be that organization's database ID instead of its label.

This morning I merged katello's organization_id label-to-id branch [1] and the corresponding hammer-cli-katello changes [2].

The only changes this should require from developers is that anywhere we say organization_id, it's actually the ID now (tests, urls, params, etc).

I altered a good bit of the apipie declarations, so everyone should run rake apipie:cache to rebuild the apidoc.

if you have any questions, please let me know.


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