OS facts including spaces are not recognized/allowed

Problem: I tried to connect a system deployed in the Alibaba Cloud with the Aliyun-OS (based on RHEL, includes subscription-manager) at a foreman. The OS-facts in the settings are not ignored. However, the OS is listed as “unknown”. I cannot create it manually because the operating system name doesn’t allow spaces.

Expected outcome:
To be able to add the OS and have systems recognized as OS automatically via facts.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
foreman 2.5.4

Other relevant data:
If I check for /etc/os-release I get

cat /etc/os-release

NAME="Alibaba Cloud Linux"
VERSION="3 (Soaring Falcon)"
ID_LIKE="rhel fedora centos anolis"
PRETTY_NAME="Alibaba Cloud Linux 3 (Soaring Falcon)"

If I check the subscription-manager facts, I get:

distribution.id: Soaring Falcon
distribution.name: Alibaba Cloud Linux
distribution.version: 3
distribution.version.modifier: Unknown

So foreman does not allow spaces in the distribution name, but the question is, if this is really needed and or if there is a possibility to fix this on the foreman side besides modifying the fact on each system with overrides. Maybe someone has a good idea for that?