Outdated Introduction to Foreman Deep Dives

Hi all,

On our YouTube channel, there are two videos that get a lot of consistent views:

Getting started with Foreman & Katello - architecture design, provisioning and Puppet


Foreman Quickstart: installation and Puppet management


The latter is from 2013, and seems to still be a source of truth for people looking to learn more about Foreman.

I would love if we could provide some installation and architectural overview videos for Foreman, and Foreman/Katello users.

Would anyone be interested in helping with the effort to provide better and more up to date versions of these videos?

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While having limited time, I can try for sure to find some to help here as this would be basically what I do in our trainings and other workshop I gave in the past just without doing the practical exercise together.

If I tell my manager it is some kind of marketing it should be no problem! :wink:

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