oVirt imaged base deployment doesn't deploy disk


I started a fresh foreman 1.5 RC2 install to give the image based
deployment a shot.
I seem to have hit some weird results, I'm using oVirt 3.4.

After going through the initial steps (provisioning setup) and oVirt image
(as well as a pre-configured template), I've created a new host via foreman.

When creating using a compute profile, it gave an oVirt error about the VM
not being linux based. My template was selected with server type: RHEL 6.5
server 64bit (in ovirt) so it seems to ignore that.
I didn't look into that much, but removing the compute profiles I got
passed this.

Now without a compute profile the VM gets deployed, however without a disk.
The template was configured with a disk, server type: RHEL 6.5 server and
delete protection, none of these got passed through to oVirt.

Any ideas?