Ovirt_provision_plugin maintainer needed

The last watch of the former maintainer of ovirt_provision_plugin @Yaniv_Bronhaim has ended.

A new maintainer is required for that plugin (used to provision hosts in ovirt-engine).

Recently a bug was encountered that requires 2 fixes, for branches: one for the version that uses ovirt-engine v3 api (relies on rbovirt) and for v4 api (relies on ovirt-engine-sdk-ruby).

I pushed 2 prs for review.

Any volunteers ?



Not many responses to this one, is there a process to elect a maintainer for a plugin ?
May I offer myself ?


Sure, @Gwmngilfen: Can you help to set this up?

Absolutely, thanks for volunteering, @masayag! I’ve sent you an invite to the plugin team, which will give you access to the repo - when you’re ready to release a new version, we can help you through that process. Welcome!