Ovirt subnet/vlan matching

It does not seem that Foreman is capable of matching a subnet to ovirt network. When you switch subnet on the interface edit page it does not affect the ovirt network. I’ve found a PR[1] that seems to provide this feature but it doesn’t look like it got merged and the last comment seem to indicate the PR need some more work. The feature request #18088 says blocked by #10539 which is closed but no more updates after. Was this idea abandoned or am I missing something?

[1] https://github.com/theforeman/foreman/pull/4193

Yes this pull request was abandoned on my side because this kind of feature have to be more generic and be compatible with more compute resources than only ovirt. On short term, I think we can align ovirt to vmware compute resource provider. There is some little javascript for the VMware compute resource that auto select the compute resource network that contain (or start with, I don’t remember exactly) the VLAN ID in the name of the compute resource network, so if your ovirt network follow this convention, it can be auto selected on foreman webui too. This is a very easy fix, I have to test it localy and i can push it if needed. But this approach only works for webui and not for the hammer/api side. On more long term, I think there is some work to be done on the network part in foreman to prepare this kind of mapping, and I hope to see something like discussed in #5017 (in the comment of 4th December 2017) lan in foreman :wink: (and I hope to have more time this year to contribute on this).


Thanks for your reply. I would be very interested in a stop-gap solution in javascript based around vlan id. You mention vmware cr but I’m looking for the ovirt equivalent. Does it exist?

No equivalent in foreman ATM, but PR submitted :slight_smile: .

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