Package missing in Content View

Hi all,

I’m having an issue with Foreman … I’m using Redhat Satellite server as I don’t have any active subscription I’m not able to contact Redhat Support. As you’re being upstream of redhat satellite. Could you help me with a question.

I’ve a content view with products added. When I publish new version of same content view it dones’t show the packages. When I select the product in the content view the rpm belongs to the particular repo is missing. Almost nothing shown in from the repo, it looks emply.

Could you help me with that?


This really sounds as if you did not add the yum repo or content view to the content view before you published it. A few questions for you 1) when you look at the “Content Views” page, how many repositories show in the “Repositories” column? 2) is this a composite view? 3) Click into the content view and click on the “Yum” or “Content View” tab. How many repositories/content views are listed there?. If you add(ed) these after you published the content view, you will need to publish a new version.