Package shown in katello for update, but OS does not see it to install

Foreman 2.0 and 2.1, Katello 3.15 / 3.16 (same behavior before and after update)

Wondering if anyone has an idea what might be happening here:

I have only a handful of Centos8 clients, and all of them are showing this package as an update that’s available to be installed:


That package is from the EPEL modular repo, which I have (I have both EPEL modular and base repos all set up).

But when I go to apply patches on those centos boxes (“yum update” or “dnf update”), the package does not show up.

Everything ELSE that may have been applicable does show up and installs no problem.

It’s just this one update shown above. It’s there… but not there.

I’d appreciate any ideas to help figure this out, thanks!

anyone else seen this? Still happening to me


Thanks for letting us know. This may be a bug; we’re looking into it.

As an update to this, we think we’ve resolved the problem here: Bug #31270: Katello Pulp 3 Applicability erroneously shows non-modular RPMs upgradable from modular RPMs with same name but older version - Katello - Foreman

This was a bug in pulp2, but is not being fixed in pulp2 due to the move to pulp3. As part of the pulp3 move katello is now calculating applicability and thus the fix was done there.

Due to changes in the repositories, nginx-filesystem-1:1.17 was no longer available, but we suspect this was the problem at the time. We are planning on backporting this to Katello 3.18.2

OK thank you. I’m seeing this now also with libssh2 and libslirp. Good to hear this will eventually show up as a fix. Thank you! I realize the whole modules thing is probably very complex…

@caseybea could you specify the versions that are installed and what is showing up as applicable? I’m happy to try to reproduce to see if this will fix it or if there is another bug somewhere.

installed: libssh2-1.8.0-8.module+el8.0.0+5339+ebcc8ca7.1.x86_64
“available”: libssh2-1.9.0-5.el8.x86_64