Packaging foreman_dlm_helper


i have written an Linux agent counterpart for the foreman_dlm plugin. foreman_dlm_updater implements a workflow to gracefully upgrade linux boxes using a distributed lock.

Timo Göbel suggested to build Packages and put them into the official foreman repositories. i would be interested in knowing what i have to do to get this done. i there a guide on how to create packages for the official foreman repositories?

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Hey Stephan,

Currently, we do not have a repo dedicated to client packages, but an RFC was written to add one. Please see Introduce a Foreman Client Repository.

I don’t think there will be any objections, so the @packaging team can set up a repo.
Packaging generally lives in the foreman-packaging repo. The readme of the rpm/develop branch contains some info what is needed for packaging. Especially @ekohl, who you know from the conference as well, has a good background in both packaging and python and can probably help with the effort.


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