Path to Ruby 3.0, 3.1, EL9 and Ubuntu 22.04

If you’re curious, see the PostgreSQL 13 tracker for all the changes we had to do.

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Makes sense, thanks!

I lost last week’s notes so I didn’t post them, but there wasn’t much we talked about and we rehashed it in this week. Here’s a summary where we now are:

  • Foreman 3.10 has delivered initial EL9 support (using Ruby 3.0). We’ll continue to flesh this out in 3.11. There are known bugs, but those will be picked up as regular bug reports.
  • Foreman 3.11 will deliver Ubuntu 22.04 support (using Ruby 3.0)
  • Debian 12 packages are mostly ready (using Ruby 3.1), but blocked on a missing puppetserver package. Once that’s available, our installer will work and we can deliver this. We need Puppet to provide those.
  • Foreman 3.11 on EL8 will update from PostgreSQL 12 to 13 to match EL9, which prepares for a migration using Leapp (which is still in progress).

With all of this, we’ve agreed to consider this RFC resolved.

There will be follow up projects.

Initially we considered updating Rails in scope, but that turned out not to be a blocker. Obviously we still want to continue using Rails versions with security support and it’s only a matter of time before Rails 6.1 goes EOL. That will be its own RFC.

Looking beyond the horizon we can also see EL10 which ships Ruby 3.3 and drops ISC DHCP, meaning we need to migrate to ISC Kea.

And possibly more.