Permission denied when trying to setup LDAP Auth

When I try to setup LDAP-authentication I get Permission Denied

But it’s extremely strange, it says Permission Denied, but no traffic is going out of the host.

I can connect to the LDAP server on the configured port using telnet from the host, but if I run tcpdump when trying to connect using the Foreman webgui - there’s no network traffic leaving the host at all…

And in the log file (/var/log/foreman/production.log) I get:
2020-01-17T12:24:48 [W|app|36f54551] Failed to connect to LDAP server
which doesn’t help that much in troubleshooting this…

Perhaps you have selinux blocking foreman from opening the connection?

I’ll look at that when back in the office tomorrow, thanks for the tip! It always trips me up now that I don’t work with Linux permanently.

Of course it was SELinux that was the culprit in my case…