Phpipam for DHCP management


Is this possible and if yes, how to use the phpipam ( as the interface for the DHCP management?

Has anyone of you ever been implementing it in Foreman?
I suspect that Foreman will have to connect to the API and query for the free ip addresses, but I have never been doing this before and I am curious, if anyone of you can share the experience.

Thanks for any input!


I’m not aware of anyone working on it, but as you can see from the list of plugins there are already several backend implementations for things like Infoblox etc, so it should be possible.

If writing such a plugin interests you, then looking at the GitHub repos for those plugins is a good start, and if you have questions, wander over to the #development category for a chat :slight_smile:

Just as FYI – Development will be started on this soon!