Physical Linux server setup with Cloud-Init?

Hello together

I am currently trying to automate the build process of a Physical Red Hat Server via PXE boot. For this, of course, the solution should run with the user input in Foreman and the build via Cloud-Init. In my opinion, only the “NoCloud” datasource comes into consideration, because no other datasource fits. Unfortunately I am not sure now if this would all work together…

Does anyone know about this kind of server building? Can someone possibly tell me if this is feasible like that? Can this datasource even be used for this purpose?

Or are there any plugins that could help me out? I came across the plugin “ForemanUserdata” [1], but I am not sure if this would be helpful.

Thanks for the answers!
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[1] GitHub - theforeman/foreman_userdata: Foreman serves user-data for cloud-init. Part of Foreman starting with version 1.23.

Foreman version:

  • Foreman 2.3.1

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

  • No Foreman Proxy


  • Ubunutu 18.04 bionic

I got myself a workaround!