Pipeline for 1.17.0 kicked off

all the core repos are now tagged for 1.17.0 and I started the release pipeline.


It seems that https://github.com/theforeman/foreman/pull/5442 may be needed for 1.17 too, in case you want to re do it. I would say it’s worth it (not much trouble compared to doing an entirely new release) if you find some error during the pipeline (tests fail or something).


There was already a request for Bug #22698: clearing search filter does not clear search filter - Foreman, so we will probably end up doing 1.17.1 anyway.

Just an update about today’s work towards 1.17:

This morning I checked the latest release_packages job, apparently tags were missing in the foreman-packaging repo. This meant RPMs could not be built and DEBS don’t even start in this case.

After tagging the foreman core projects, I kicked off the release_packages job again. RPMs were able to buil, but DEBs couldn’t http://ci.theforeman.org/view/Release%20pipeline/job/release_packages/121.

Something odd in foreman-packaging could have been the root cause for this failure (not sure yet). https://github.com/theforeman/foreman-packaging/commit/c612c3cf67657dcc6357bfab50823be0f4db2c61

After that, I kicked off
http://ci.theforeman.org/view/Release%20pipeline/job/packaging_build_deb_coreproject/5350/ (foreman)
http://ci.theforeman.org/view/Release%20pipeline/job/packaging_build_deb_coreproject/5351 (proxy, not started at the time of writing this message)
http://ci.theforeman.org/view/Release%20pipeline/job/packaging_build_deb_coreproject/5352 (installer, not started at the time of writing this message)

Provided these debs are able to build correctly, I will run release_mash & release_test, as the tests are very time consuming, and if they fail, we would rather have as much time as possible. If they don’t, well @Ondrej_Prazak time to do the announcement :smile:

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All debs were :green_heart:

foreman - http://ci.theforeman.org/view/Release%20pipeline/job/packaging_build_deb_coreproject/5350
installer - http://ci.theforeman.org/view/Release%20pipeline/job/packaging_build_deb_coreproject/5352
proxy - http://ci.theforeman.org/view/Release%20pipeline/job/packaging_build_deb_coreproject/5351

Mashing & testing now.

Tests are running in http://ci.theforeman.org/job/release_test/166/ for the 2nd time, the 1st time around centos7 failed because the proxy did not boot quickly enough in the installer (this happened in 1.16.1 too, probably worth checking out at some point).

I’ll try the update today or tomorrow. Note that the docs linked to in the release announcement still state

“Not yet released. This quickstart guide is for Foreman 1.17, but 1.16 is the current stable version.”

And the front page of theforeman still states 1.17.0_rc2

I have opened the following to address that: