Please let me know the firewall openings between the vcenter & Foreman vm

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Could you please let us know what are Firewall/port openings needed between the vcenter and foreman vm.

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Foreman Version 1.14.3 which we are using .

Not answering the original question, but I want to point out that 1.14.3 is ancient (3.5 years old) and contains many bugs and known security vulnerabilities. I highly recommend planning to upgrade to a recent release (current versions at the time of writing are 2.1.4 and 2.2.0). There have also been many improvements with regards to integration with vmware compute resource since then.

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Thanks for the suggestion … but i need ports which need to be opened between the foreman vm and vcenter if there are in different subnets .

To the best of my knowledge, then it uses https (443) out of the box. At least that seems to be the case in my setup, running 2.1.2. However you can easily verify with tcpdump on the foreman server, if port 443 doesn’t work for you.

Note that VMRC console might run on a different port, which I don’t remember, but the vmware docs ought to mention that.