Plug-in KubeVirt - request for feedback

Hello Foreman community!

We started to work on Kubevirt [1] plug-in and would like to get feedback about our work available here [2].
Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated.




could you provide a demo video of how this works in practice once you get there? I see that connection code is in place, but create_vm method is just a stub for now :wink:

What you have so far is good, looking forward the next milestone!

Sure, a demo will be provided at time.
ATM, you may see how the compute resource dialog is expected to look like and also how VMs are currently reported:

We’d like to get a feedback if any additional pieces of information per VM are required ? or any feedback.


Looks great!

Can you explain why one VM showed 1024Mi where others showed 1Gi for the memory? It looked like it came straight from the API since the console also showed 1Gi where Foreman normally uses GB.

Can you also provision a VM with it?

Yep, looks very good. Please let us know about your progress or submit a talk to :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your feedback. I opened [1] issue to improve how we display memory.

ATM we want to display vms and one of the next steps is to provide ability to provision VMs.


I think the plug-in requires a bit more work before we would feel confident about giving a talk about it.

Note that cfgmgmtcamp is at February, but the CFP will end before the end of the year, IMHO worth considering :slight_smile: and will be natural extension to kubevirt presence in the conference (AFAIR, we hope to have a few kubevirt presentations in the conference)

This indeed sounds like enough time to have something worth talking about. Let us discuss this within the team.

@lzap you can see the implementation of ‘create_vm’ for kubevirt provider on

I haven’t added yet support for images/volumes. This will be added in the near future.
Any feedback will be welcomed.

A demo of the host creation is available on


@ekohl provision a VM is now supported, but for it to be fully usable we should add support for disks/volumes.
At the moment the backed disk relying on hard-coded image.
Adding support for disks/volumes is the next item on the list.

Looks good so far!