Plugin dev env with forklift

Hey guys,

Looking to write a plugin and working to get the dev env setup. From what i can tell forklift is the way to go.

I was able to get that up and running on the 1.17 stable build but the documentation stops there. I’ve monkeyed with it a little and figured I should probably ask for some direction before I head off in the wrong direction.

Can someone give me some high level steps for using that for plugin dev?


Plugin development works best (as far as i know) if you spin up the foremen development box in forklift. It is called centos7-devel.

To be able to hack on your plugin comfortably i suggest to mount the plugin dir via NFS into the box with a stanza like

    - mount_point: '/home/vagrant/your_plugin'
      path: <%= "#{ENV['HOME']}/projects/your_plugin" %>
        type: 'nfs'
        nfs_udp: false
        nfs_version: 4

and activate it in foreman/bundler.d/your_plugin.local.rb.