[Plugin] Foreman_templates 3,0.0 released

Hi all,

Foreman_templates has received it's first major update in quite a while,
and I'm happy to say the 3.0.0 release is now available for downloading (as
gem, deb and rpm from the usual repos). This release is mostly internal
refactoring, but does bring a small number of new features for users:

New templates:purge rake task

A new rake task has been added which allows for deleting a set of templates
matching a string. Options are detailed in the README and Rakefile, as

Thanks to @matonb for contributing this feature!

Ability to sync Partition Table snippets

The Foreman UI can create snippets for both Provisioning Templates and
Partition Tables - now foreman_templates can. Simple add "type: snippet" to
your "kind: ptable" templates if you need this.

Thanks to @cacack for contributing this!

Dev feature - template import for other plugins

For authors of other plugins - foreman_templates can now call import
methods for other plugins. You can see the dev-list thread[1] for more
details, or the README[2] if this is of interest to you.

This release is available for 1.12 and nightly, and I'm especially keen to
hear feedback/bugs so I can fix them before 1.13 is released :slight_smile:

[1] https://groups.google.com/d/topic/foreman-dev/o4ayL55lT7g/discussion


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