Plugin PR testing

Just a reminder, if you have a Foreman plugin then we can test it on
Jenkins for you.

Tests are run from a normal Foreman checkout to check for core
regressions and allows the plugin to add its own tests. Some core tests
also cover plugins, e.g. permissions (only on non-isolated plugins) and
seeds (a bit over-sensitive). has all of the jobs we run, it's
easy to add another if you'd like regular tests run (ask me or someone
to copy the job if you don't have access).

PR testing is also now enabled on the discovery, salt and docker plugin
repos. If the master job is stable, then you should probably add this
too. Either ask me, or…

  1. Add a PR testing config file, e.g.
  2. Add the prprocessor webhook (repo or org admins can do this)
  3. Add repo to "bots" theforeman team
also has a little information.

Smart proxy plugins need some work still to set up the necessary job
templates, but I'll hopefully get this sorted soon.


··· -- Dominic Cleal Red Hat Engineering