Plugin tests unstable on postgres


In recent two days, I’ve started noticing the postgres tests in plugins CI either with a lot of failures or aborted. This was noticed with foreman-tasks, foreman-rex ( as well as foreman_templates (

The errors are usually something like:

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound: Couldn't find User with 'id'=886836129


FactValueIntegrationTest#test_0002_host fact links:
ActionView::Template::Error: Could not load compiled manifest from /var/lib/workspace/workspace/test_plugin_pull_request@2/database/postgresql/label/fast/ruby/2.5/foreman/public/webpack/manifest.json - have you run `rake webpack:compile`? (original error No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - /var/lib/workspace/workspace/test_plugin_pull_request@2/database/postgresql/label/fast/ruby/2.5/foreman/public/webpack/manifest.json)

Anyone looking into the issue or having ideas on what has changed recently regarding the CI that could lead to this? It seems it started sometimes on Feb 26,ruby=2.5,slave=fast/3322/consoleText -> ERROR in vendor-4138154b37191d0e971d.js from UglifyJs

it is something JS related… I opened but it doesn’t fix it as seems to error out in webpack’s uglify, not the Rails one…

Found a temporary hack to get rid of this error in my dev environment
(works only for dev)

Basically asked it to skip loading uglifier plugin if on a dev environment.

It looks like webpack pulls in the uglifyjs plugin by default. Maybe the latest plugin release is no longer compatible with webpack 3.x we’re using? makes me thing we either need to update to webpack 4.0 or pin the uglifyjs-webpack-plugin.

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Just in case somebody was behind github notifications (as /me was), it’s being currently addressed in Bug #22711: Webpack uglifier errors out - Foreman

Current open PR:

Is this related at all?

I struggle understanding what is wrong in discovery. I see the failures locally as well tho.

I don’t think so, as in your case, also sqlite and mysql are failling, so probably something else.

Btw. the issue in this thread was resolved. Thanks @mmoll, @ekohl and @sharvit in participation.