Plugins with apipie and hammer discussion

I've started a wiki[1] to capture how plugins can extend the foreman api with their own routes. It will also reference how this relates to hammer as well. This is based upon a dev discussion[2].

Specifically, we are working on getting foreman w/ katello as an engine to work well. Current issues being actively worked on:

  • Apipie currently only supports the main app (ie. /apidoc shows only foreman routes)
  • How should model extensions be handled both from an api route point of view as well as hammer commands (eg. User, Organization)
  • How can other plugins that are not as tightly coupled with the product interact without conflict (eg. a GSS plugin that also extends User model)

Also note that apipie is in need of some more active devs, if any have an interest[3].

[1] Apipie - Foreman