Podman pull fails with HTTP error 500

**Problem:I can’t pull container images from my foreman server

I synced a docker registry for ceph on my katello server. (Upstream repository https://quay.io/repository/ceph/ceph)

From my clients machines I am able to login and list all images from that registry with the commands
podman login
podman search --list-tags

But when i try to pull one image with
podman pull :tag
I obtain that error from my foreman server

Error: initializing source docker://:v17.2: reading manifest v17.2 in : received unexpected HTTP status: 500 Internal Server Error

On the httpd log on foreman server i read :

GET /v2/token?account=admin&scope=repository%3Adefault_organization-library-ceph-quincy-ceph-container-ceph-registry%3Apull&service= HTTP/1.1" 200 151 “-” “containers/5.22.1 (GitHub - containers/image: Work with containers' images)”

I have the same error 500 on another test registry.
Could someone help me ? Does my pull request is not well-formed ?
What is “GitHub - containers/image: Work with containers' images” in the httpd log of my server