[poll] Which lists should migrate to Discourse?

As per the post to the dev-list, a move to Discourse of some kind is looking very likely. However, we need to decide what should be migrated to Discourse in this pass. Since Discourse is going to be a feature in our lives, let’s use the tools it brings :slight_smile:. Here’s a poll:

  • Neither
  • Just foreman-users
  • Both foreman-users and foreman-dev

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If you need another option for some reason, just let me know.

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I voted for just foreman-users but that’s just for the initial migration. Running both in parallel while migrating is IMHO a big enough change. That doesn’t mean I’m against a migration of -dev in the long run.


I agree with @ekohl on this, lets do the foreman-users first and foreman-dev later.

I’m going to send this to the dev-list too (I’ll be so glad when this duplication is over), but I wanted to put an update here for completeness. I’d like to try and treat this poll with a little more sensitivity than a simple democratic vote - as we often say, it’s a meritocracy, not a democracy, and not all votes are equal.

At first glance this poll is pretty clear, 71% in favour of moving both lists, but that would be unfair to long-time members of the community who voted to move a single list. There isn’t a number for “merit” that exists, so as an approximation, I weighted the votes using the length of time the user has been on the mailing list (not perfect, but better than nothing). The results, however, don’t shift the needle very much:

  • Total vote-days cast: 26490
  • Both lists: 16156 (60.99%)
  • Just users: 10334 (39.01%)

Even attempting to weight for karma/merit/call-it-what-you-like, we still get a pretty clear 61% result. I will leave the poll open into next week (Thanksgiving means the US in particular haven’t had much time to consider), but I think we need to start planning for this outcome.

Sidenote: I don’t want vote-days to become a standard metric, I think we’re usually pretty good at coming to a consensus - but in this case I wanted to try to give fair treatment to those who disagree with me on a divisive topic. Hopefully that works for everyone. If you want to check my maths, you can find the raw data and the script I used at http://irc.emeraldreverie.org/R/

As promised, I closed the poll yesterday. The result hasn’t really shifted since the post I made earlier (the weighted poll is about 63‰ now) so the answer is fairly clear. As per the dates I previously posted, I’ll sort out the announcement for all 3 lists over the weekend.