Discourse - story so far, and some dates

Hi all,

Over the two weeks, we've opened up a debate into whether a move from the mailing list to a forum (Discourse) would makes sense for the community. You can read the previous thread here:


There's also an AMA recording if video is your thing:

# So what's the result?

The TL;DR is that this looks very likely to happen at this point.

The debate has been strong, but we've seen a clear preference for a forum win out over a mailing list. In addition, we started a discussion about whether to move *only* foreman-users, or to include the development list, foreman-dev, as well. If having a view of the development discussions has value to you (or doesn't!), then there is a poll open on Discourse right now:

There is still time to contribute to either the poll or more generally to the debate, though - I plan to take a final decision at the end of next week (Thu 7th). Please do let your views be known :)

# What happens next?

Unless there is a huge change in mood in the next 7 days (seems unlikely), then Discourse is going to happen. I'll write more about how the migration will happen next week, but for now here's a few dates:

Thu Dec 7th - conclude polls and state decisions regarding list(s) Mon Dec 11th - T-3 weeks -> initiate migration plan
Sun Dec 31st - at midnight (or close to it) migrate the list(s)

One month to go, New Year, new tools. Should be fun :)