Post update foreman hook doesn't get activated every time the host gets updated

I’m currently using foreman hooks to react to a postupdate event.

My hooks is pretty simple, just send a Kafka message containing the host info.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'kafka'
kafka =[<kafka-broker>])

host_info = $
hook_event = ARGV[0]

kafka.deliver_message(host_info, key: hook_event, topic: 'postupdate_hook_topic')

Using the API, I’m sending 3 requests back to back.

1st request: Update a host parameter
2nd request: Update the host details (OS, Image, ptable, etc.)
3rd request: Update a host parameter

However, I only get one message to my Kafka broker, which happens after the 1st request. Even though the second and third requests are successful (which I can confirm by using either the GUI or the response of the API), the postupdate hook is not activated.

It is my understanding that the postupdate hook gets activated EVERY time a host gets updated, so I’m not sure why this is happening?

Am I understanding hooks wrong? Any help would be appreciated!

It should really trigger three times. Paste full path to the hook and production.log transactions of the three requests (use request id to grep them). Ideally with DEBUG mode on.