PR label workflow

Currently the PRProcessor sets labels based on the status. These are:

  • Waiting on contributor
  • Needs testing
  • Needs re-review

A lot of this comes from before Github had a proper review flow so I want to open the discussion on how to deal with this.

My impression is that nobody uses the Needs testing so I’m proposing to drop that without replacement.

  • Keep Needs testing label
  • Drop Needs testing label

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The Waiting on contributor and Not yet reviewed / Needs re-review labels can be useful in filtering. However, Github can also filter on no reviews. It can also dismiss reviews when new code is pushed (enabled on foreman.git). That means you already have a filtering mechanism.

My proposal is to enable dismissing reviews on push for all repositories and dropping the labels

  • Enable dismissing stale reviews on all repositories and drop labels
  • Enable dismissing stale reviews on all repositories but keep labels
  • Keep labels

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So the poll has closed and the results are clear and people favor removal. This week is busy, but probably a nice Friday project. I’ll look into writing some tools to easily clean up labels and enable the branch rules.

Yeah, this week is busy and not that my vote would change the result, but count me in a group keep “WoC” label. We actually use it during PR triage to indicate it’s stale and we need to see for how long it waits for the contributor.

It may be that we can get the info somehow from reviews data too, but just wanted to let you know about our workflow. Also for cotributors, the flag I think is quite clear indicator of where the ball is.