Pre-built stable Katello devel box added in Forklift

TL;DR A new way of spinning up a Katello development environment was added. The box will always be a stable install and spins up quickly. See the docs for instructions.

Hey all,

In Forklift, a Packer template was added to build a Katello development environment box image.

I set up an automation job to build this image and publish to Vagrant Cloud if it is successfully built. It currently runs twice a day. Right now, this is a cron job on my workstation since it was easy to set up and test out this workflow, but I am looking to move this to jenkins ASAP if others find this useful.

In that same forklift PR, a box definition was added to use this box image from vagrant cloud.

So this means you can spin up a Katello devel box using this new workflow. This is a stable Katello install (meaning the install will have succeeded) and spins up in the time it takes to download from Vagrant Cloud (5 mins for me).

One caveat, there are no personalized customizations like github forks added, so those will have to be manually added.

I should also mention that the centos7-katello-devel box workflow is still there and works the same as it has been. The centos7-katello-devel-stable box is making use of the same playbook used there, just installed ahead of time, and only released if the install succeeds.

This stable box is a new workflow, so Iā€™m curious to hear if there are any issues or inconveniences preventing people from using it. I think we can iterate on this workflow and improve it if devs are open to using it.

Let me know if there are any questions or feedback!



If you are wanting to use this, please checkout if its not merged. I fudged the box name in the example box definition :flushed: