Previously working hammer commands return ISE on Fresh 3.0 install


Fresh install of 3.0 returns internal server errors on previously working hammer commands. All other commands are working except for some 'hammer set ’ based ones.

Expected outcome:

To be able to use: ‘hammer settings set --name default_pxe_item_global --value discovery default’ and other commands.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

3.0.0 for both

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Centos8 Stream

Other relevant data:
hammer settings is failing on several items, which worked in 2.5.

  • hammer settings set --name default_pxe_item_global --value discovery
  • hammer settings set --name discovery_auto --value true
  • hammer settings set --name root_pass --value ‘removed_hash_value’

hammer> settings set --name default_pxe_item_global --value discovery

Could not update the setting:

Internal Server Error: the server was unable to finish the request. This may be caused by unavailability of some required service, incorrect API call or a server-side bug. There may be more information in the server’s logs.

Could you please capture the ~foreman/logs/production.log while executing the command? That will probably have some pointers.

Hi @TheDudeAbides,

I guess you’ve encountered the same issue as I did a while ago: Bug #33347: Settings search is broken in hammer - Foreman. The fix has been merged already and should lend into 3.0.1.

The production.log would help though to confirm if this is the same issue.


@Marek_Hulan @ofedoren - thanks for the response. I rebased to 2.5 already. I’ll go tear it down, and catpure the relevant bits. Thanks for responding - I’ll update the thread later today with info, if it still persists. Otherwise, I should be OK if latest pulls the 3.0.1 bits down.

Reinstalled to 3.0 and same error. Stack trace in production.log shows undefined method.

I assume I get get 3.0.1 from rawhide/daily? If so, I can go install that to verify the issue is resolved.

Hi again,

Thanks for the logs :slight_smile: It really is the same issue I was mentioning, so you could wait until Foreman 3.0.1 is released or you could try to apply the patch yourself:

@ofedoren thanks for the link. You saved the day. I’m up and running on the 3.0.0 codebase. Thanks!

@ofedoren - just a quick update, installed ‘foreman-release-3.0.0-1.el8.noarch’ today (fresh install) didn’t see your code in there. Manually updated files, works as expected now.

According to 33347, it appears was merged though (Revision 2bafa941 - Fixes #33347 - Fix settings index API - Foreman).

Yeap, but it’s still the 3.0.0 version. The fix should be in 3.0.1, at least I hope. @evgeni marked the Redmine issue, but I don’t see the fix in 3.0-stable branch :frowning: I’ll do the CP then.

Yeah, I marked it for “target 3.0.1”, so whenever @upadhyeammit or @tbrisker do the picks, they’ll have it on their list, but you can of course also pick it yourself :slight_smile:

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Just to make the CP visible: