Problem Provisioning Unattended Centos VM in vCenter

Hi everyone, I am running Foreman v1.21.3 with no Katello. I was able to setup foreman to deploy nested esxi using document Foreman :: Deploying ESXi through Foreman. Wasn’t able to find same tutorial for Centos or Windows VMs in the foreman website.

Found this article: Followed all the steps and used templates already available from Foreman installation. When I try to create host I get stuck on screen waiting for response.

Any one know what I am missing or if you have links to other documentations could you please share.

I am trying to setup a POC to deploy different flavors of Linux, Windows and ESXI in vCenter. After that I will be testing with baremetal.

Identified my problem.

Issue was related to the Installation Media. Took a closer look to the installation media/Operating System. Problem is either related to the content extracted from the ISO or folder structure.

Sample from Centos media Path is$major/os/$arch

  • Didnt realize at first the $major and $arch was defined in the OS section corresponds to the actual install media path. Replaces the variables.
  • Tested deployment with this image and worked no issue.

My custom centos7 media path was

  • I have no variables, will try to remove the extra “/” and try again
  • if that doesnt work will try downloading the content from the website…
  • Idea is to keep everything offline if possible.