Problem when retrieving architecture restrictions repos

I added i386 repos on a content view that already has x86_64 repos, so, I configured these repos with architecture restrictions, so I can manage either ol6 x86_64 or ol6 i386 with the same content view, but when I refresh the subscription o re-register the hosts, on i386 systems, doesn’t retrieve the i386 repos, and, on x86_64, I’ve got the i386, and it’s funny, because, when I set the architecture restrictions to “No restrictions” just on i386 repos, on i386 systems shows the right i386 repos, but on x86_64 systems it shows both i386 and x86_64 repos.

Expected outcome:
Manage i386 and x86_64 systems with the same activation key and content view with architecture restrictions repos.
I would like to know If it’s a better approach to have a different content view to manage i386 systems or if It’s an issue that can be fixed or something.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
F 3.2
K 4.4

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Oracle Linux Server 8.5

Other relevant data:
I have around 1000 content hosts (oracle linux servers) registered on Foreman, all of them with x86_64 architecture. Yesterday I ended up adding around 5 hosts (ol6) with i386/i686 architecture, and I will probably add more of them. And just for context, we manage these servers through 3 main activation keys, each key for each major os version (ol6, ol7, ol8), and obviously, each key has its own content view and product, for example:
to manage Oracle Linux 6

  • activation key: servers6
  • content view: oracle linux 6
  • product: oracle linux 6
    • repos:
      • addons x86_64
      • software collections x86_64
      • latest x86_64

I’m curious if you have any RHEL systems and if the issue occurs on those…

I’m not 100% sure but I think the architecture restriction probably works in a similar way to the OS restriction I outlined in this post, which would explain the behavior you’re seeing.