Problem when syncing the repository deb

installed a new foreman with 0, deployed repositories on it. rpm repositories sync normally, packages are visible, everything is fine, but the deb repository writes “success”, but there are 0 packages, and there are no errors. All that could be found is that the release file for some reason does not contain checksums, but they are on the site A huge request tell me in which direction to look to solve the problem.
Expected outcome:
syncing repositories with package downloads
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Hello @Overlord

Can you provide your product > repositories configuration for ubuntu ? (even a screenshot).

Sorry and also your katello version. Thx


it seems good. Can you just change your Components : just add main (not a list with ,)

Yes, it really works… Thank you very much! But earlier on version 2.1 of foreman and katello 3, you could specify the revision with “,” and it worked. At the moment, this has become impossible?

I never tried importing debian repos with lower versions (pulp2). I agree, when creating a repository, we should be able to specify a list:

Comma separated list of components to sync from (leave clear to sync all). Example: main

This functionality may have disappeared with Pulp 3 for the moment. You can follow the evolution of the debian module for pulp here: GitHub - pulp/pulp_deb: Debian repository plugin for Pulp (

Maybe @quba42 to tell us more.


Sorry I did not see this earlier.
This is a UI bug. The UI asks for components and architectures as a comma separated list.
However Pulp 3 needs a space separated list.

Instead of:

Components: main,restricted,universe,multiverse

Use the following and your sync should work:

Components: main restricted universe multiverse

There is an open issue to fix the UI on the Katello side.

P.S.: I am on holiday for the next week so I won’t be here to answer any questions, you can ping @m-bucher instead.

Hi, thank you so much for the information