Problem with the display of the subscribed repositories

Hi, I have a problem with the display of the subscribed repositories, everything is fine on the machine, the key subscription is also correct, but in the host settings and repository subscriptions itself, it is not displayed. Thus, it is not possible to fully manage the repositories on the host properly. Thank you in advance for your help.

foreman version: 2.4.0
katello :version 4.0.0

Hi @mkon,

Can you provide more information about the host concerned and the activation key used? Distribution, repositories …

The settings vary a lot depending on the distribution used (redhat, debian, centos …).

There it is difficult to be able to help you more.

The machine the foreman stands on is 7.9 centos. The hosts that are inventoried / fed with repositories are Orcle linux 7.6-7.9. The created key subscribes to the repositories and everything works fine there.
The repositories are the standard oracle linux and postgres, mysql, remi repositories