Problems Changing Organization Label

I am unable to change my single, default organisation’s label, but it is greyed out in the UI. This means my repos are showing as the following, I’d like to be able to change the “Default_Organization_” part to something shorter and more human readable:

[root@dcbfman-pprda8 ~]# dnf repolist
Updating Subscription Management repositories.
repo id                                                                             repo name
Default_Organization_Alma_8_AppStream_x86_64_os                                     AppStream x86_64 os
Default_Organization_Alma_8_BaseOS_x86_64_os                                        BaseOS x86_64 os
Default_Organization_Alma_8_EPEL_8                                                  EPEL 8
Default_Organization_Alma_8_HighAvailability_x86_64_os                              HighAvailability x86_64 os

I seem to be able to update my Organization’s name with hammer:

[root@dcb-foreman-al ~]# hammer organization update --id 1 --name REDACTED
Organization updated.
[root@dcb-foreman-al ~]# hammer organization list
ID | TITLE          | NAME         | DESCRIPTION | LABEL
1  | REDACTED | REDACTED|                           | Default_Organization

But if I try to use either the --label or --organization-label switches I get errors:

[root@dcb-foreman-al ~]# hammer organization update --id 1 --label xxxx
Nothing to update.
[root@dcb-foreman-al ~]# hammer organization update --id 1 --organization-label xxxx
Could not update the organization:
  Error: organization not found.

Can anybody advise what I’m doing wrong please?

Expected outcome:
Ability to change Organisation Label.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.6.1.

Distribution and version:
Alma 8.

Organization Labels cannot be changed.