Problems deploying EL9 VMs

I’ve just started working on getting deployment of EL9, but have been running into a few problems. I have no idea what may or may not be related, so I’ll just list them all. I’ve made the settings identical to my EL8 deployment images/operating systems, except where appropriate

After creating a new host, Katello displays “No host found. The host does not exist or there are access permissions needed. Please contact your administrator if this issue continues.” However, the host is created.

The userdata template is not applied to set the IP address and hostname. The vm template is deployed to a vm with the correct name in vSphere, but customizations are not applied.

I don’t have RHEL 9 or Oracle 9 listed as Guest OS options for my VMware compute resource, even though those are options within vSphere.

Any ideas? I’m at a loss here.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.5.1
Katello 4.7.2
ESXi 7.0.3


the fact that EL9 OSes (RHEL9, OL9) are not selectable as guest OS is due to the fact that rbvmomi (VMWares ruby library that Foreman uses) is not maintained anymore and thus outdated. According to Any plans on replacing rbvmomi? - #6 by evgeni, this will likely be fixed in Foreman 3.6 by replacing rbvmomi with a fork, rbvmomi 2.

No idea about your other problems, though. I have never encountered those.

Any plans to backport rbvmomi2 to previous versions of foreman?

I am not involved in development, just reported the issue. I have not heard of any plans to backport that change though, so probably not.

I don’t think we intend to backport that change.

Good to know. I’ll definitely upgrade to 3.6 later this month and see if that helps.

Userdata is now being applied correctly: it turns out that I missed installing perl in my VM template, which is required by VMware guest customization.

The error after creating the host is still happening, and nothing is ever done after the VM is created. The host in Foreman stays on “Pending installation,” and nothing is ever done with the new VM; SSH login for host registration isn’t happening.

I get same error when I try to add Hostgroup to a host, is there any solution now ?

I haven’t yet found a solution. I was planning to revisit this once Katello 4.8 is in General Availability, since that will fix the EL9 VM issue.

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@brgerig I solve it, after I upgrade to Foreman 3.6.1 maybe this will help you too

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