'production' environment and 'default' smart proxy not visible


I installed the latest Foreman with Puppet for managing Puppet agents/nodes and the default ‘production’ environment is not visible in the Foreman UI, also the default smart proxy (foreman itself) is not visible. Trying to create the ‘production’ environment and add the smart proxy prevents me with the message that they exist already.

In Foreman version 1.20 I did not have similar problems, right after the installation the default ‘production’ environment and smart-proxy were visible.

Foreman versions:

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Check that the smart proxy is assigned to the location and organization you are in.


I assumed that the smart-proxy could be the bottleneck. I only have the default organization and locations, no custom setup.

The smart-proxy itself is not visible in the UI also, but the service is running and there is tcp socket for it.

in the top menu change the location and organization to the “Any” context- you should now be able to see the proxy and assign it to the default loc/org.
This is a known issue that will be fixed in the upcoming 1.23 release

Thank you for the information.



Confirm - it works.