"Products" display not always showing latest successful sync(s)


For a change, not a critical issue but still worth noting:

In my “Products” display, the latest sync time is not being properly reflected. Here is a sample: I have 4 products, 2 of which show synced about 40 mins ago, the other 2 showing yesterday. BUT-- I have drilled down and verified that EVERYTHING (all repos) did indeed successfully sync about 40 minutes ago.

If I manually sync them, then it shows OK. It appears that the sync-times sometimes do not always get updated after a scheduled (daily in my case) sync.

Hey @caseybea ,

There seems to be some issues with how last sync time is being derived for a product. While looking into this I also realized never synced products show a date too. I have filed an issue to be tracked here: Bug #33244: Product last_sync is not always correct - Katello - Foreman

Thanks for raising this!

You’re welcome. Thanks for filing the bug! Again not a big deal, but it does annoy me a little, ha!