Professional Services outside of EMEA

Hello all,

this time not only speaking for myself, but also for my employer NETWAYS.

We are getting more and more interest for Professional Services on Foreman and Katello from outside of EMEA which varies wildly in size and topics as noone is listed on the project’s homepage for this regions. While many of the opportunities would be of interest for us from the technical side, organizational things like time difference prevent us from taking all these. Pointing to Red Hat is no solution in this case as most come with an mixed environment or other non Red Hat topics.

So if you provide Professional Services in North America or APAC, I would like to motivate you to add you to the project’s website. Even freelancers are welcome and not only companies! If you need any assistance for this, I would gladly help. If you are interested in partnering with us so we can forward opportunities to a trusted partner when we can not provide a solution because of the mentioned problems, I can get you in touch with my sales colleagues.