Proliferation of Duplicate Interfaces in Foreman 1.8


We recently upgraded to Foreman 1.8 and discovered an issue with our OS X

Apple has begun using AWDL (Apple Wireless Direct Link) devices.

AFAICT, these devices are virtual and their MAC addresses are generated
dynamically, but the device label remains consistent: awdl0

The upshot is that every time an OS X client pushes facts, the MAC for
awdl0 may be changed and the Foreman host gets a duplicate awdl0 device.

The immediate effect of this duplicate interface is an inability to
edit/update ANY information about that host, whether it be parameters or
descriptions, etc. until the duplicate interface is renamed and deleted.

The long term effect of this may be an insurmountable proliferation of
duplicate awdl0 devices.

I am not sure how to manage this.

Can anybody assist?


ยทยทยท -- Brian