Proposal: Automatically deleting branches on merge


I noticed that Github offers an option to automatically delete head branches when PR was merged. This can be pretty useful for larger repositories where cleaning up your workspace can be as easy as doing git pull --prune and then deleting all branches with deleted tracking counterparts. To find those you simply issue git branch -v | grep '\[gone\]'.

I propose to enable this, it is getting out of control and even with my git xcleaner tool which I wrote it is hard to keep up with many branches which haven’t been merged yet.


BTW if you want to cleanup your branches in an interactive way, here is the tool I wrote some time ago:

I have the exact same problem. And you’re right that GH does have that option and I’ve enabled it multiple places but my results have been mixed. I think it doesn’t work well with our “rebase & merge”, only with fast forward merges. Sadly, most of the time I still manually delete branches. I’d love a good solution as well.