Proposal: Delete old manuals from our site


IMHO the old pages should stay available but not be indexed after some point. It’s quite likely that search engines already give penalties for the (heavily) duplicated content. That means we could disallow robots from indexing anything that’s not supported anymore.


I do this actually in my PR for some of the manuals which are still relevant: 1.15 - 1.20. The rest is moved into PDFs and there is redirect PR in foreman-infra also with custom 404 as a safety net. So it’s a combination, best of the both approaches.


Oh, I must have missed that then, I’ll recheck the PRs :stuck_out_tongue: Good job :slight_smile:


Yeah, I thought about robots.txt but I’ve learned that this is now not recommended and using HTML meta tag is preferred. So I am adding those tags in the PR instead.


Still have 1.7 running


Great to hear that, you should be able to download manual in PDF format.