Proposal: Delete old manuals from our site



generating of our site is super slow (a minute on my beefy PC), it went up to the point when you need to increase kernel option for inotify

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Visit for info on how to fix this.
rake aborted!

While I was working on a PR that blacklists old manuals from search engines ( I figured out that it would be beneficial to simply delete old manuals (core + plugins) from the site completely or replace them with some stub or redirect.



Kind of funny, but this would help us with Katello 3.1 vs. 3.10 confusion in the docs.

As a policy, we support the last two releases. I think we should go ahead and make a similar policy for the docs as well. Maybe the last 5 or 10 releases? Katello rarely gets bug reports from 10 releases back, but 6 isn’t uncommon (e.g. we still get some 3.4 bug reports).

I also wonder if we’ve done any research on making Jekyll faster (I don’t see a -j flag or anything).


I agree on that…docs should only mention versions in active support and additionally maybe 2-3 versions back.


Disappearing links are always annoying and bad for search engines. Luckily there’s a solution: redirects. We probably need to implement this in Apache since it’s a static site.


This would work:

So let’s just agree on last N releases? I like 5 that’s fair.


Only the manual isn’t really a GH page but a jekyll site we deploy on our server (not that that prevents us from doing redirects).


That was my thought too, but it’s client side redirection. Both the <meta> and JS redirect methods. I don’t know if search engines also respect this and see the new page as the natural new page for all the incoming links.


Ok thanks. I haven’t realized we deploy our site ourselves :slight_smile:

Cool, are you guys fine with 5 last versions for plugin/core manuals? The remaining 4 would include NOINDEX meta tag for google so at least search engines learn fast to offer the stable one.


One more thing, do you prefer commiting .htaccess directly to the git codebase? I do, kinda assume we are running Apache httpd but I can be again wrong.


We are running Apache. already includes some rewrite rules.



So would like to come to agreenment first because rebasing those PRs with deleted stuff won’t be easy I guess. I am gonna do PR with all manuals deleted except last 5 versions for both core and plugins. All old versions (except the stable) will have “noindex” meta tag to prevent search engines from indexing. And for all deleted pages I will create redirects in Apache configuration.

@tbrisker @Gwmngilfen


I’d rather not see that content deleted entirely. We do offer the packages right back to 1.0, and if a user needs to do an upgrade from an ancient version, they’ll want to see the upgrade notes / known issues for each version as they follow the upgrade path.

That said, I do agree the search index issue is annoying. Could we move older manuals to a PDF download? Then the people who really need them can still get them, but it’s de facto not indexable :slight_smile:

+1 on the rest of this, especially redirects in Apache (awkward, but what can you do?). I just don’t want to make it harder for users of old versions to upgrade - otherwise they won’t upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok how about moving them out to some /legacy/ directory? No markdown just pure HTML if that’s possible. But amount of files in a git checkout won’t go down. Maybe tarballs would do it!

Edit: I like tarballs on our site with a link from our docs.


PDFs would be a good idea I think