Proposal: Template when posting to Support category

How about adding a template when user starts new post in “Support” category. Recently, we have seen many provisioning requests for help with basic information. I spent quite some time debugging discovery issue and it turned out a user is provisioning Windows and not Linux, via highly customized template. Recently, we also have bunch of questions on DHCP/DNS providers but users are not telling us they are using Infoblox or other providers.

If such a feature exists in Discourse, let’s put some basic short questions (not so long) and also we can inform user about foreman-debug -u (upload) feature which creates safe tarball on our servers.

Such a template already exists, and has done since before we went live - I think I even asked for feedback on its content. I’ve just checked and confirmed that it shows up for me when creating a new post in Support.

I’m happy to take feedback on what should be in that template, once you’ve had chance to review it. I’m not convinced we should default to requesting a tarball from foreman-debug though. A limited number of people have access to those, and it does not scale - I’d rather see the community helping to support each other. Requesting a tarball once it becomes obvious that it’s a tricky issue seems more sensible.

Oh I haven’t tried that, because I know everything of course :slight_smile:

Okay, I think we can improve it a bit. It is too chatty, I would like to see something more formal and shorter. Let me try:


Foreman and Smart Proxy version: 

Relevant core and proxy plugin versions:

Modified templates (please pastebin):
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Hehe, well chatty is my style, I guess :slight_smile:

I like where you’re going, let mevthibk on it for a bit…

Thanks, the current version is a bit overwhelming, user needs to do more edits to make it clean, that’s my only concern basically. Plus I’d like to get core, plugins and proxy plugin list and versions somehow in most reports that’s all :slight_smile:

Agreed, it’s wordy, especially for those who don’t have English as a primary language.

My main concern is not getting too specific - for example your template is great for provisioning issues, but templates aren’t relevant in, say, Puppet issues, or API issues, etc. I also think asking for the expected result is valuable - often the issue is that the user has wrong expectations (and thus we really need to update the docs in that area).

As a modification to your proposal, perhaps this?


Expected outcome:

Foreman and Proxy version: 

Relevant Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Other relevant data (logs from Foreman and/or the proxy, modified templates, commands issues, etc):

Sure looks good, maybe the last sentence is too long:

Other relevant data (logs from Foreman and/or the proxy, modified templates, commands issues, etc):

Maybe opt-in for:

Consider sending logs with foreman-debug -u for faster response.

As I said, I don’t want to mention foreman-debug initially, as it limits the self-supporting nature of the community - those of us with access do the debug upload server are busy enough :stuck_out_tongue:. If someone with access is involved in an issue, and wants to ask for a tarball, that’s fine, but we shouldn’t start from there.

Since we’re mostly agreed, I’ll make the changes so far - it’s definitely an improvement :slight_smile:

Ok then let’s ask shortly:

Pastebin relevant logs:

I think it would be better to have users paste the logs inside the message rather then point them to pastebin since pastebins tend to disappear eventually and we’d have a thread that doesn’t include the actual error in the archive.

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Oh sure, I am fine with that. Good point.