Proposing Update to Ruby 2.3 in Production for RPMs


For the 1.15 release, I'd like to propose we update to Ruby 2.3 in
production for RPM based deployments. I've opened a PR for packaging [1]
with the proposed changes. This would update from rh-ruby22 to rh-ruby23
software collections. The other switch is to move from the CentOS SCLO
collection for Rails 4.2 to the rh-ror42 collection. I believe both of
these will provide us with a stack that has long term support and provide
benefits when running in production with the newer version of Ruby.

I'd ask for either responses here or on the PR to make this change prior to
branching for some nightly testing as this will require a rebuild for most



ยทยทยท -- Eric D. Helms Red Hat Engineering