"Provided Services" concept missing

Hi there!

I’m really missing a feature that allows assigning services on interfaces. It could be used for feeding monitoring systems. Foreman is some kind of “the truth” in a network. Servers definitions can be obtained from Foreman. So why not the services a host should provide?

Of course, monitoring systems have features to detect running services like HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, Elasticsearch based on open ports or running processes, etc.
But the approach is not optimal since you want to monitor a defined host, not assuming it is correct that all those detected services are running on it.

From the point of monitoring systems, every interface would need an additional table to add services.

For example:

  • node1
    • interface eth1:
      • ICMP, PostgreSQL
    • interface eth2:

In my case, this would fit perfectly into my system, because the monitoring system can match these strings/services with its service monitoring naming.

Very interested to hear your thoughts.

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It is interesting idea indeed. Foreman is just a Ruby on Rails app, we will be glad if you contribute this.

These can be easily mapped to puppet classes or ansible roles. There could be some autodetection for existing hosts.

I would be glad, if I could write it in Ruby :joy:

You can easily find people who can implement features for you under commercial contract. We’ve seen successful feature implementations in the past. Just ask when you have a rough idea about the feature for price calculation, we can give you tips for companies who provided this in the past.