Provision/Install multiple servers

Is there a way to provision/install multiple nodes at once in theforeman. What are the steps to set this up?


I know of no way currently implemented to to that.
Depending on your needs, you could elevate the clone functionality, but that only is no “hands off” solution either.
Most poeple who need this functionality would probably elevate the API to achieve this. Either by integrating it with some preexisting workflow/selfservice tool or writing simple scripts doing the API calls.


Areyus - Appreciate the info

You can easily automate via Hammer CLI, we also have emerging Ansible bindings so you can orchestrate from Ansible too. There are two Terraform implementations as well on github, they both seem to be unmaintained tho. There are many options, but the GUI does not natively support this with one exception.

Discovery workflow allows you to install multiple servers at once using autoprovisioning feature. It’s documented and there are several videos floating around showing how this works I think.

Thanks for the response. Yes, I’ve seen the autoprovisioning feature and a little new to Foreman/oVirt so slowly testing this feature. I would be interested in the Hammer Cli options you mentioned also so if you have some simple example or a short step through document I can go through to get a feel then i can improve on it. Thanks again

Our new Provisioning Guide have hammer commands all around, pick what you are interested in:

Thanks for the info

You could try the foreman_acd (Application Centric Deployment) plugin. Please be aware that the development of the plugin is in an early stage.