Provision "Pending Installation" - What Next?

Hi all. Very new to Foreman. Before I get into my question, let me quickly introduce what I’m attempting to use Foreman for:

I have two networks, one which will have my Foreman server and the other is a remote network with a Smart Proxy. I have a bare metal system on the Smart Proxy network which I want to provision all within that same subnet (have no dependencies on the external Foreman server) due to poor bandwidth into that network. I believe this will essentially mean I need to proxy the CentOS 7 installation media, repositories, pxelinux structure, along with DHCP and TFTP environments.

So far I have:

  1. Setup my Foreman server.
  2. Setup a Smart Proxy.
  3. Setup the discovery plugin.
  4. PXE booted a system, which successfully loaded the discovery image successfully.
  5. Found the discovered system in the UI.
  6. Assign the installation media to the OS, which is CentOS 7.
  7. Created a Puppet environment.
  8. Created a host group.
  9. I am now ready to provision. When I select “Provision”, it returns a success. Status is “OK” and build is “Pending installation”.
  10. If I look at the bare metal host, it is just sitting in the discovery image.

At this point, I’m not sure what to do… Is there something I am supposed to do next?

@lzap is not here but he would probably have the correct answer for you.
In the meantime can you take a look at:


You might spot the issue through the doc workflows.

Thank you so much for this fantastic documentation. I followed it and provisioning is now working! I wish I could tell you exactly what fixed it, as I did a lot of things which I missed.


Hey @fresh-pie

I am delighted to hear this!

Take a look at this guide also:

Just note that this is open sourced from the original Red Hat docs and I need to still do some work. The links are wrong and lead to Red Hat docs, for example. All in time :slight_smile:

Great to hear that, I fixed the link to the new docs. We no longer have these “doc-” prefixes.