Provisioning host kickstart file location

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to know does foreman create any kickstart file for host provision? if yes then what is the location of the file on the foreman /proxy server?


During build the kickstart is generated and downloaded when the PXE bootloader loads the kernel. This happens through a GET request to the foreman server with a token in the url.

You can also preview a provisioning template from the templates tab of the host page. Or providing the hostname as an argument as below:

All kickstart files and PXE scripts are generated dynamically by Ruby templates. You can read more about it here:

Theres many types of templates and lots of different ways you can associate them to your host.


Ok thanks
but if here i want to use my own script can I create & use ?


What you will need to do is create a new provisioning template, or edit an existing one.

You can associate a template (script) a number of different ways. Check out the Template Association section of:

It states the following:

When a Host requests a template (e.g. during provisioning), Foreman will select the best match from the available templates of that type, in the following order:

Host-group and Environment
Host-group only
Environment only
Operating system default

Assign it to your host using one of the methods listed above. Edit the host, go to the Operating System tab, click on “Resolve”, this will then show you what templates the host object will use in build.

Theres a LOT of associations required to make sure you get the server in a buildable state. Spend time reading the manual as all the info is there to get you started.