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Topic: Provisioning Template changes -

Question: I have created a custom kickstart template and was able to deploy 10 hosts, OS- Centos 7.
Now there is a requirement that future hosts need 3 additional packages to be installed, so need to add them to the custom kickstart template.

I need to confirm my understanding since we are new to foreman -

  1. Will this change affect the 10 hosts already built? or only future hosts that will be build with this template?
  2. In case there is a requirement to install these packages on already built hosts, then manual installation is only way?

Hello, you should probably use Ansible, Salt or Puppet in order to install additional packages.

But if you insist on getting this done via Foreman, then you have couple of options. One of them would be:

  • Create “Kickstart default custom packages” template it will be automatically inserted into %packages section if you have latest Foreman
  • Add your packages, one per line
  • You can use ERB syntax (Ruby) to do some conditions
  • You can even define a host parameter in your host/hostgroup and retrieve it here via host_param macro
  • Remember each package must be on one line

Good luck.

This helps, thanks a lot.