Provisioning template will not fully execute


I’m a newbie to Foreman and supporting a system already in place.

Foreman is used to deploy Centos 6 + 7 to artist machines.
Kickstart start loads OS then runs a script to bind to AD and setup share etc.
Its completing the OS build, IP’s and gives hostname. When creating a host I’m selecting the default kickstart provisioning template. How can I see this template to check for any syntax errors.

Nothing to my knowledge has changed in foreman - any idea how I can troubleshoot this issue?

Running foreman 1.9


Hello and welcome!

Foreman 1.9 is a very old version that is no longer supported for several years now. At some point in the past we have introduced the ability to preview templates in the template editor, but i’m not sure if it’s in 1.9 already. I highly recommend upgrading to the latest version (1.23) as there are many known bugs and security vulnerabilities in 1.9.

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